mashaaref 20230922 300pcs Gold Plastic Forks – Premium Disposable Cutlery

300pcs Gold Plastic Forks – Premium Disposable Cutlery

300pcs Gold Plastic Forks – Premium Disposable Cutlery

300pcs Gold Plastic Forks – Premium Disposable Cutlery


Make your party or event shine with these 300pcs gold plastic forks. Whether it’s a big party, catering event, wedding, or just daily use, these forks are perfect for any occasion. The premium heavyweight silverware is polished to perfection, adding an elegant touch to your table setting. Not only are they stylish, but they also save you time on cleaning up afterwards. With their recyclable and BPA-free material, these forks are safe for any kind of food. Let’s dive into the details of these amazing gold plastic forks.


  • Length: 7.36 inches
  • Color: Gold
  • Material: PS (Polystyrene)

Product Description

Supernal is a brand that offers unique and high-quality goods. Our gold plastic forks are designed for big parties, birthdays, weddings, and more. We want you to have a memorable dinner time and enjoy the party with your family and friends. The best part is that these forks save you time on cleaning up afterwards.

Key Features

Recyclable and BPA Free

The gold plastic silverware is made from a recyclable and BPA-free material, ensuring the safety and healthiness of any kind of food you serve with them.

Best Quality

These disposable wedding gold plastic forks are heavy weight and have long-lasting strength. They are resistant to breaking, bending, and snapping. You can even reuse them after washing.

Perfect for Any Occasion

These plastic forks are simply dazzling and have a universal appeal that complements any party theme. They are designed to withstand even the most temperature-intensive foods while maintaining their form and shape. Whether you’re serving hot or cold dishes, these forks will last through the entire meal.

Save Clean-Up Time

Throwing out these forks after use saves you clean-up time, while still adding a decorative and elegant accent to your event. If you prefer to reuse them, simply hand wash and dry them after use and store them in a dry place for durability.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I put these forks in the dishwasher and microwave?

No, these forks are not dishwasher or microwave safe. Please hand wash and dry them if you wish to reuse them.

Are these forks made of high-quality materials?

Yes, these forks are made of premium hard plastic that is BPA-free, non-toxic, and food-grade. They are designed to not break easily during transportation and daily use.

Do these forks have an elegant design?

Absolutely! These gold plastic forks have a smooth surface with a metallic sheen, perfect for any shimmering event. The hammered design on the handle adds a touch of comfort when using the forks.

What occasions are these forks suitable for?

These forks are perfect for family gatherings, picnics, barbecues, weddings, birthdays, or office parties. They add a touch of elegance to any event.

What if I have any questions or issues with the product?

If you have any questions or concerns about our gold plastic disposable forks, please feel free to contact us by email. We are here to assist you and provide the best possible service.


In summary, these 300pcs gold plastic forks from Supernal are the perfect choice for your next party or event. With their premium heavyweight silverware, recyclable and BPA-free material, and elegant design, they will impress your guests and add a touch of sophistication to any table setting. Whether it’s a big celebration or a casual gathering, these forks are versatile and durable. Don’t waste time on cleaning up, simply throw them out after use or wash and reuse them for your next meal. Order your set of gold plastic forks today and elevate your dining experience!