mashaaref 1010 Anti-Corrosion Ear Tagger

Anti-Corrosion Ear Tagger

Anti-Corrosion Ear Tagger

Anti-Corrosion Ear Tagger

Introducing the Anti-Corrosion Ear Tagger, the ultimate tool for tagging sheep and pigs. This innovative product is designed to provide a durable and rust-resistant solution for all your tagging needs.


Thickened Spring

The Anti-Corrosion Ear Tagger is equipped with a thickened spring that ensures smooth and efficient operation. The spring is designed to withstand heavy use and maintain its elasticity over time.

Anti-Rust Materials

Constructed with high-quality anti-corrosion materials, this ear tagger is built to last. It can withstand exposure to moisture and harsh environmental conditions without rusting or deteriorating.


Durable and Long-lasting

With its anti-corrosion properties and thickened spring, the Anti-Corrosion Ear Tagger offers exceptional durability and longevity. You can rely on this tool to withstand the rigors of daily use without compromising its performance.

Easy to Use

The ear tagger is designed for ease of use, allowing you to tag animals quickly and efficiently. Its ergonomic handle provides a comfortable grip, reducing hand fatigue during prolonged use.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can this ear tagger be used for both sheep and pigs?

Yes, the Anti-Corrosion Ear Tagger is suitable for tagging both sheep and pigs. Its versatile design makes it a practical tool for farmers and livestock owners.

2. How long does the anti-corrosion coating last?

The anti-corrosion coating on the ear tagger is designed to last for an extended period. However, the lifespan may vary depending on the frequency and conditions of use.


The Anti-Corrosion Ear Tagger is a reliable and efficient tool for tagging sheep and pigs. Its thickened spring and anti-rust materials ensure long-lasting performance, making it a valuable addition to any livestock operation. Invest in this high-quality ear tagger and experience the convenience and durability it offers.