mashaaref 1010 Bora Portamate Speedhorse XT Sawhorse Pair

Bora Portamate Speedhorse XT Sawhorse Pair

Bora Portamate Speedhorse XT Sawhorse Pair

Bora Portamate Speedhorse XT Sawhorse Pair

The Bora Portamate Speedhorse XT Adjustable Height Sawhorse is the quickest and easiest sawhorse to set up and take down. It offers adjustable legs, a metal top for 2×4, and is a heavy-duty pro bench saw horse for contractors and carpenters.


1. 6 Inch Height Adjustment

The working height of the Speedhorse XT adjusts from 30 to 36 inches in 1 inch increments with the intuitive slide and lock technology. This allows you to work at the right height to make your project easier and work more efficiently!

2. Job Site Ready

Individual leg height adjustment on the Speedhorse XT allows you to compensate for uneven ground to ensure a stable workbench table or cutting station.

3. 1.6 Second Set-Up

The BORA Portamate Speedhorse XT is part of the BORA Speedhorse family, which are the only sawhorses on the market with lever quick-release deploy technology, offering instant setup and teardown that is 30x faster than conventional sawhorses.

4. Best-In-Class Capacity

Adjustable stand that can support up to 1500 lbs. each giving them a combined capacity of 3000 lbs. The extra-long length pre-drilled top of 45 inches provides maximum stability. Come ready to use and no assembly is needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is assembly required for the Bora Portamate Speedhorse XT Sawhorse Pair?

A: No, it comes ready to use right out of the box.

Q: Can the metal top be used as a temporary wooden table top?

A: Yes, the pre-drilled metal top allows you to screw in 2×4’s as brackets for a temporary wooden table top.


The Bora Portamate Speedhorse XT Sawhorse Pair is the ultimate solution for contractors and carpenters. With its adjustable height, job site readiness, quick setup, and high capacity, it offers unmatched convenience and efficiency. Say goodbye to the hassle of setting up and tearing down workspaces with this innovative sawhorse. Add it to your shopping cart now!