mashaaref 20230908 Car Floor Mats Custom for Volvo Xc40 2018 2019 (RHD)

Car Floor Mats Custom for Volvo Xc40 2018 2019 (RHD)

Car Floor Mats Custom for Volvo Xc40 2018 2019 (RHD)

Car Floor Mats Custom for Volvo Xc40 2018 2019 (RHD)

RedwinCar floor mats are environmentally friendly, odor-free, comfortable, and durable, especially suitable for home use.


  • Material: Artificial leather
  • Package includes: 1 x Car Floor Mats Custom


  • Easy to install. Easily install and remove car mats without any tools.
  • Protect your car from dust and dirt, and waterproof, easy to clean even in rainy and snowy days, don’t worry about soiling the car.
  • The fully enclosed design better covers the floor and sides of the car.
  • Tailor-made foot pads for your car, after repeated car laying experience, installed in place without leaving dead corners, just like the original car.


  1. Environmental protection XPE material.
  2. Alignment uniform.
  3. Five layers of environmental protection core.
  4. Laser scanning.
  5. 3D stereoscopic coverage.
  6. Will not hinder the brake pedal, will not hinder the accelerator pedal.


  1. After placing an order, please be sure to inform us your car model/production year/left and right driving/number of seats via email. If you can’t find your car model in our store, please contact us and we will customize suitable foot pads for your car. Thank you!
  2. Please allow 1-5mm error due to manual measurement.
  3. Due to the large size of the product, it needs to be packaged and transported by folding foot pads, so there may be slight creases on the product after the received package is opened. Please rest assured that this is a normal phenomenon. It only needs to be left for about a week, and the product will be like a new product again.


For Volvo Xc40 2018 2019 (RHD).


Using environmental materials, that makes our mats odorless, healthy, and safe. 360-degree three-dimensional coverage, prevent dust, dirt in the car, healthy and hygienic.


The mats will not get stuck the brake and accelerator, and the bottom layer use burr which has anti-slip action, make the driving more safe.


The car floor mats are good in waterproof and dustproof, so they are very easy to clean. Just wipe the surface with a wet towel and the floor carpets will be like new. Please make sure that the mats are dry before use.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We will help you at any time and contact you within 24 hours.