mashaaref 20231006 Dragon Bird Scarer – Protect Your Garden and Crops

Dragon Bird Scarer – Protect Your Garden and Crops

Dragon Bird Scarer – Protect Your Garden and Crops

Dragon Bird Scarer – Protect Your Garden and Crops

Are you tired of birds damaging your garden and crops? Look no further! Introducing the Dragon Bird Scarer, the ultimate solution to keep birds away from your precious plants. With its innovative design and powerful features, this extendable bird scarer will ensure your garden remains bird-free and your crops stay protected.

Key Features

Extendable Fibreglass Telescopic Rod

The Dragon Bird Scarer comes with a 5m fibreglass telescopic rod, allowing you to easily adjust the height of the bird scarer according to your needs. Whether you have tall trees or low-lying plants, this extendable rod ensures maximum coverage and effectiveness.

Expandable Flying Hawk Bird Scarer Kite

Designed to mimic the appearance of a flying hawk, the Dragon Bird Scarer kite is a natural deterrent for birds. Its realistic design and flapping wings create a sense of danger, scaring away birds from your garden. The expandable feature of the kite allows it to cover a larger area, making it ideal for gardens and paddy fields.


1. How does the Dragon Bird Scarer work?

The Dragon Bird Scarer works by imitating the presence of a predator bird, specifically a hawk. Birds perceive the kite as a threat and avoid the area, preventing them from causing damage to your garden and crops.

2. Is the Dragon Bird Scarer easy to install?

Yes, the Dragon Bird Scarer is incredibly easy to install. Simply extend the fibreglass telescopic rod to the desired height, attach the flying hawk bird scarer kite, and secure it in your garden or paddy field. No additional tools or complicated instructions are required.

3. Can the Dragon Bird Scarer withstand different weather conditions?

Yes, the Dragon Bird Scarer is made from durable materials that can withstand various weather conditions. The fibreglass telescopic rod is sturdy and resistant to wind, while the kite is made from high-quality materials that are waterproof and UV-resistant.


The Dragon Bird Scarer is the ultimate solution for protecting your garden and crops from bird damage. With its extendable fibreglass telescopic rod and expandable flying hawk bird scarer kite, you can easily scare away birds and ensure the safety of your plants. Say goodbye to bird problems and hello to a thriving garden with the Dragon Bird Scarer!