mashaaref 20231005 ESSENSON Slime Making Kit for Boys and Girls

ESSENSON Slime Making Kit for Boys and Girls

ESSENSON Slime Making Kit for Boys and Girls

ESSENSON Slime Making Kit for Boys and Girls

About ESSENSON Slime Kit

We are a regular small business company who works very hard to make an honest living and cares very much about your experience.

Kids LOVE playing with slime. ESSENSON Slime Kit provides rich colors, safe materials, and more supplies than ever to keep them busy for hours, immersed in fun, educational sensory play. They’ll love experimenting with many different options, whether playing by themselves or in a group setting.

What’s Included in the Kit?

  • Clear crystal slime – 12 oz crystal slime (12 packs, 1 oz / pack)
  • Glitter powder – 6 packs glitter powder to make shiny and glittery slime
  • Fruit slices – 250 pcs Fruit Slices (Add some fruit slices into the slime as your favor)
  • Foam balls – 3 Packs colourful Foam Balls
  • Mixing bowl and Stir Stick – Mixing all ingredients
  • Slime container – 12 packs slime containers to store your own slime into the containers

Everything You Need

This all-inclusive homemade slime kit contains everything you need to keep boys and girls occupied for hours. It includes 12 color clear crystal slime, 12 slime containers, 6 bottles of glitter powder, 3 packs of colorful foam balls, 250 pcs of fruit slices, 1 mixing bowl, and a stir stick.

Occupies Kids for Hours

Boost your little one’s creativity and help them develop motor skills and enhance eye-hand coordination. What better way to spend the day than an at-home slime making project? They’ll be busy with these slime making accessories all day while engaging in fun, sensory play activity for rainy days, play-dates, birthday parties, and more.

So Much Fun

With enough slime supplies to make your own clear slime, foam ball slime, and glitter slime, this kit guarantees hours of fun. It’s a stress-free way to create exciting slime and art projects.

Safe and Non-Toxic

The ESSENSON Slime Making Kit is made from eco-friendly material that is washable, easy to clean up, and safe for kids’ health. However, it is important to note that the slime is not edible. We recommend this kit for ages 6 and up.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the slime washable?

Yes, the slime is washable. Simply rinse it off with water.

Can I mix different colors of slime together?

Of course! Mixing different colors of slime can create unique and exciting combinations.

Are the materials safe for kids?

Yes, the materials used in the ESSENSON Slime Making Kit are safe and non-toxic.

How long does the slime last?

The slime can last for a long time if stored properly in the slime containers provided in the kit.

Can adults play with the slime too?

Absolutely! Slime making is a fun activity for people of all ages.

Warranty not applicable for this product.