mashaaref 20231003 HANX Lubricant | Water-Based Long-Lasting Gentle Paraben-Free Vegan | Condom-Friendly (50ml x 1)

HANX Lubricant | Water-Based Long-Lasting Gentle Paraben-Free Vegan | Condom-Friendly (50ml x 1)

HANX Lubricant | Water-Based, Long-Lasting, Gentle, Paraben-Free, Vegan | Condom-Friendly (50ml x 1)

HANX Lubricant


Introducing the HANX lubricant – it’s better down where it’s wetter. Keep things smooth in the bedroom with our water-based, vegan, long-lasting, gentle, pH balanced lubricant. Naturally scented and endorsed by medical professionals, try our gentle non-sticky lubricant. HANX founders Farah and Sarah felt it was about time that we had a choice of a contraceptive that empowers us to confidently care for our sexual health. HANX helps people feel positively protected when it comes to sex. HANX stands for pride and protection. HANX help people overcome the fear of judgement and encourage them to feel confident by stylishly protecting them when it comes to sex. Endorsed by medical professionals, our ultra-thin vegan condoms are designed to make you feel good. The all-encompassing HANX condom protects your body in the most natural way, while the chic packaging fits perfectly in your bag and looks great on your bedside table. HANX provides people with certainty when it comes to their sexual health. A down-to-earth condom brand empowering people to think differently about sexual wellness. HANX condoms are a reliable contraceptive, but no contraceptive can offer 100% protection against pregnancy or STIs (sexually transmitted infections). Please read the instructions provided in the box.

Features of HANX Lubricant

  • Water-based, long-lasting, gentle, pH balanced lubricant
  • Naturally scented and non-sticky
  • Dermatologically tested with no nasty chemicals, anaesthetics, spermicides or any unnecessary ingredients
  • Stylish and discreet packaging for everyday use
  • Certified vegan by The Vegan Society, not tested on animals

HANX Condoms

Try our HANX condoms, which are ultra-thin, have a 52mm nominal width and a clean scent. Gently lubricated without spermicide and free from unnecessary chemicals.