mashaaref 20230911 KO Bot – 2 Player RC Boxing Robots Fight To Win!

KO Bot – 2 Player RC Boxing Robots Fight To Win!

KO Bot – 2 Player RC Boxing Robots Fight To Win!

KO Bot – 2 Player RC Boxing Robots Fight To Win!

Robots Need to Fight to Survive

The RC fighting robots punch each other; the one who completes 5 hits first wins a round! With real-time infrared wireless control technology, 6 LED light indicator effects, and punch/combat sound effects, KO Bot creates an action-packed fun experience for all ages. Get ready for the bout to begin!

A Thrilling Gift for All Occasions

Looking for the perfect gift? Look no further! The KO Bot package includes 2 battle robots, 2 banners, 2 wireless remote controller sets, 2 USB cords, and an instruction manual. Each transmitter set requires 4 AAA batteries (not included), and the battling mini robots can be recharged via USB. With just 25 minutes of charging, you get 25 minutes of wireless play. The 2.4GHz transmitter offers 2 play modes: gesture sense control or remote control. Shake it or press the buttons to control your robot and engage in epic battles!

Master Your Boxing Robotic Partner to Win the Match

Follow the instruction manual to pair each gesture sense controller to its electric robot one at a time. Once paired, you are ready to fight! Hold each transmitter in your hands and immerse yourself in the boxing bout. Shake the left/right transmitter, and your robot partner will follow your movements with no delay. Jab, swing, left/right hook punch… get 5 K.O.s to win the game and become the ultimate boxing champion!

Exciting Light & Sound Effects

Get ready for the ultimate sensory experience! When the green light indicates “Ready To Fight,” the battle begins. The robot’s head is the hitting target, and when it is hit, the light indicator will change colors – blue, yellow, pink, and finally red. When the flashing red light shows, it’s the “K.O. Mode” indicating that the robot has received the fifth hit. The game is over, and the robot will turn off. Pair again for another thrilling “Head-To-Head” battle!

3 Ways to Win

In addition to hitting your opponent 5 times to achieve a K.O., there are 2 other ways to win. You can knock your opponent down, causing their robot to topple over, or you can play in the battle ground and punch your opponent out of bounds. With KO Bot, you make the rules and create your own winning strategies. It’s a great interactive toy for birthday parties, family gatherings, or even a fun drinking game. Get ready for endless hours of excitement and competition!