mashaaref 20231004 LSAR Cupping Set – Professional Chinese Acupoint Cupping Therapy Sets

LSAR Cupping Set – Professional Chinese Acupoint Cupping Therapy Sets

LSAR Cupping Set – Professional Chinese Acupoint Cupping Therapy Sets

LSAR Cupping Set – Professional Chinese Acupoint Cupping Therapy Sets


The LSAR Cupping Set is a professional Chinese acupoint cupping therapy set designed to provide various health benefits. This ancient Chinese method of massage has been used for centuries to relieve back, neck, and leg pains, improve circulation, lower blood pressure, and much more. With its 14 different cup sizes, this cupping set is suitable for targeting specific acupuncture points throughout the body.


  • Smooth edge, increasing the contact interface and reducing pain
  • Thick and durable cups that are drop-proof and crack-proof
  • Can be sterilized by high temperature for hygiene purposes
  • Made of glass material, easy and convenient to operate and clean
  • New air valve with strong suction, no side effects on the skin


  • Item Type: Vacuum Cupping
  • Material: Glass
  • Quantity: 14pcs
  • Sizes: 6cm / 2.4inch (8pcs), 5cm / 2inch (2pcs), 4.5cm / 1.8inch (2pcs), 2.5cm / 1inch (1pc), 3cm / 1.2inch (1pc)


  • 14pcs/set of Vacuum Cupping
  • 1 x Cupping Gun

Benefits of Using Cupping Therapy Sets Hijama

Cupping therapy sets are widely used to target specific areas of the body, such as the shoulders, neck, back, and thighs. The LSAR Cupping Set offers 14 transparent cupping devices that can be easily adjusted and provide excellent suction control. The glass cupping cups are designed to adapt to each joint, making them ideal for elbows, knees, ankles, and other areas. The therapy sets have a deep tissue massage effect, improving muscle immunity and function.

How to Use and Reuse

The LSAR Cupping Set is easy to use and reusable for home self-healing. To start cupping, pull up the upper valve stem of the cup to ensure smooth air flow. Fix the vacuum exhaust port on the upper part of the cup and then vertically pull the lever about 4 times to generate a suitable negative pressure. After cupping, steadily pull up the valve stem on the top of the cup to remove the cupping device.

Hijama Cupping Kit Set

The LSAR Cupping Set includes 14 glass cups of various sizes:

  • 6cm / 2.4″ – 8pcs
  • 5cm / 2″ – 2pcs
  • 4.5cm / 1.8″ – 2pcs
  • 2.5cm / 1″ – 1pcs
  • 3cm / 1.2″ – 1pcs

The set also includes a cupping gun for easy application.

TIPS: Clean your skin thoroughly and remove body hair before cupping therapy. Excessive body hair may result in weak suction. After cupping therapy, you may experience various skin reactions, such as bruises. These bruises are usually painless and disappear within a few days.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How often should I use the LSAR Cupping Set?

The frequency of cupping therapy depends on your individual needs and preferences. It is recommended to start with once or twice a week and adjust accordingly.

2. Can I use the cupping set on my face?

No, it is not recommended to use the cupping set on the face. The skin on the face is more delicate and sensitive, and cupping may cause unwanted side effects.

3. Is cupping therapy painful?

Cupping therapy may cause some discomfort or mild pain during the suction process. However, it should not be excessively painful. If you experience severe pain, it is advisable to consult a healthcare professional.

4. Can I sterilize the cups in boiling water?

Yes, the cups are made of glass and can be sterilized by high temperature, such as boiling water. This ensures proper hygiene and cleanliness.

Discover the numerous health benefits of the LSAR Cupping Set, a professional Chinese acupoint cupping therapy set. Improve circulation, relieve pain, and enhance your overall well-being with this versatile cupping set.