mashaaref 20230926 Life Line Fitness Multi Home Gym – The Ultimate Workout Equipment

Life Line Fitness Multi Home Gym – The Ultimate Workout Equipment

Life Line Fitness Multi Home Gym – The Ultimate Workout Equipment

Life Line Fitness Multi Home Gym – The Ultimate Workout Equipment


Get serious about strengthening and body building using the Life Line Home Gym. This workout equipment is perfect for people who are looking to strengthen different muscle groups and achieve comprehensive full-body workouts without leaving home! It’s a great addition to your home gym because it’s a major space-saver without compromising quality and utility. With its CRC frame with durable finish, this equipment promises premium quality with high-density foam to offer the maximum comfort during your workouts.

Main Features

1. Multi-Function Arm Press

The Life Line Home Gym has a multi-function arm press for working those pectoral muscles. After you complete your pectoral workout, you can simply change from chest presses to vertical butterfly exercises for a maximized upper body workout.

2. Removable and Adjustable Arm Curl

The home gym also has a removable and adjustable arm curl to suit different body types, allowing you to target your biceps and triceps effectively.

3. Dual-Function Leg Developer

The dual-function leg developer allows for total lower body exercise, targeting your quadriceps and other leg muscles.

4. Dual-Function Press Arms

The Life Line Home Gym features dual-function press arms for rowing exercises, providing a comprehensive workout for your back muscles.


  • Heavy duty square frame construction of CRC Steel Tube of 2 inches
  • Powder coated frame for long-lasting and non-corrosive (rust-free) performance
  • Total weight stack of 72kg (12 plates of 6kg each)
  • Total weight of the machine is 120kg
  • Non cable change design for easy attachment use
  • Various exercises can be performed, including Lat Pull-Front/Back, Butterfly, Rear Deltoid, Preacher Curls, Low Pulley Row, Bench Press, Military Press, Bench Row, Leg Extension, and many more
  • Cushioned seat with sweat-proof padded foam for comfortable workouts
  • Padded foam rollers for ankle and leg support
  • Rubber foot caps on the base for stability and surface protection

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I assemble the Life Line Home Gym by myself?

Yes, the Life Line Home Gym comes with an easy-to-follow instruction manual for self-assembly. However, professional installation is recommended for optimal performance and safety.

2. Is the weight stack adjustable?

No, the weight stack of the Life Line Home Gym is not adjustable. It comes with a total weight of 72kg, divided into 12 plates of 6kg each.

3. Can I perform a full-body workout with this home gym?

Yes, the Life Line Home Gym allows for full body conditioning. You can target your back, chest, biceps, triceps, quadriceps, abdominals, and more with a variety of exercises.

4. Is the seat comfortable?

Yes, the seat of the Life Line Home Gym is cushioned with sweat-proof padded foam, providing a comfortable and secure exercise experience.

5. How does the non cable change design work?

The non cable change design of the Life Line Home Gym allows for easy opening of pulley locks, making it convenient to use other attachments provided, such as the Lat Pull-down Rod, Tricep Rod, and Ankle Strap.

Whether you are a professional or a beginner, the Life Line Home Gym will be a great workout partner for you! Start building your muscles and achieving your fitness goals from the comfort of your own home with this high-quality and versatile home gym.