mashaaref 20230912 Maxdot 5 Pieces Gua Sha Massage Tools Set

Maxdot 5 Pieces Gua Sha Massage Tools Set

Maxdot 5 Pieces Gua Sha Massage Tools Set

Maxdot 5 Pieces Gua Sha Massage Tools Set


The Maxdot 5 Pieces Gua Sha Massage Tools Set is a revolutionary product designed to provide effective pain relief and relaxation. This set includes 5 different shapes and sizes of gua sha boards, each carefully crafted according to traditional Chinese therapy standards. Whether you are experiencing back, neck, or muscle pain, this massage tool set is here to help.

Main Features

  • 5 Gua sha boards of different shapes and sizes
  • Designed according to traditional Chinese gua sha therapy standards
  • Larger boards for extensive scraping and muscle relaxation
  • Smaller boards for activating acupoints and trigger points
  • Works on both larger muscle areas and small accessible ones


  • Dimension: as shown in the picture
  • Gross weight: 175 g/ 6.17 oz
  • Net weight: 110 g/ 3.88 oz

Package Includes

  • 5 x Gua sha boards
  • 1 x Storage box

Curative Effect

Using these massage tools, you can scrape and wipe on the related muscles to dredge the channels, activate blood circulation, and remove stasis. This is a good and effective way for actual and immediate pain relief. The smooth surface and edges of the gua sha boards ensure that they will not scratch or hurt your skin, preventing any bleeding or discomfort.

Multi-Functional Set

The larger boards in this set are perfect for extensive scraping and muscle relaxation. They can target larger muscle areas such as the back, legs, and neck. On the other hand, the smaller boards are designed to activate acupoints, trigger points, and reach body areas that are difficult to stimulate. This makes the set versatile and suitable for various massage needs.

Various Shapes

This massaging tool set comes in 5 different shapes and sizes, offering you multiple choices to meet your specific massage needs. Whether you prefer a wider scraping surface or a more precise acupoint stimulation, this set has got you covered.

Storage Box

For your convenience, the Maxdot 5 Pieces Gua Sha Massage Tools Set comes with a storage box. This allows you to keep your gua sha tools organized and easily accessible whenever you need them.