mashaaref 20230914 RDX Kids Boxing Gloves – Training and Muay Thai

RDX Kids Boxing Gloves – Training and Muay Thai

RDX Kids Boxing Gloves – Training and Muay Thai

RDX Kids Boxing Gloves – Training and Muay Thai


Are you looking for high-quality boxing gloves for your kids? Look no further! The RDX Kids Boxing Gloves are designed specifically for training and Muay Thai. Made with Maya Hide Leather, these junior gloves provide excellent durability and protection for young fighters.

Main Features

  • Available in 4oz and 6oz sizes
  • Perfect for sparring, fighting, and kickboxing
  • Constructed with Maya Hide Leather for durability
  • Designed to fit comfortably on young hands
  • Provides excellent wrist support
  • Easy to put on and take off
  • Offers optimal hand and knuckle protection
  • Allows for a secure grip


The RDX Kids Boxing Gloves offer numerous benefits for young fighters. Firstly, the gloves are available in 4oz and 6oz sizes, allowing you to choose the perfect fit for your child. This ensures maximum comfort and flexibility during training sessions.

Additionally, these gloves are suitable for various combat sports such as sparring, fighting, and kickboxing. Whether your child is just starting out or already an experienced fighter, these gloves will meet their needs.

The Maya Hide Leather construction of these gloves guarantees exceptional durability. They can withstand intense training sessions and provide long-lasting performance. You can rely on these gloves to protect your child’s hands and knuckles during every punch.

Furthermore, the RDX Kids Boxing Gloves offer excellent wrist support, reducing the risk of injuries. The secure grip ensures that the gloves stay in place, allowing your child to focus on their technique without any distractions.


In conclusion, the RDX Kids Boxing Gloves are the perfect choice for young fighters who are passionate about training and Muay Thai. With their Maya Hide Leather construction, these gloves provide durability, protection, and comfort. Whether your child is sparring, fighting, or kickboxing, these gloves will enhance their performance and keep them safe. Invest in the RDX Kids Boxing Gloves and watch your child excel in their combat sports journey!