mashaaref 20230905 Toniebox Audio Player Starter Set – A Fun and Educational Toy for Kids

Toniebox Audio Player Starter Set – A Fun and Educational Toy for Kids

Toniebox Audio Player Starter Set – A Fun and Educational Toy for Kids

Toniebox Audio Player Starter Set – A Fun and Educational Toy for Kids

Meet the Toniebox – a new audio system designed for little listeners. Turn it on, pop a Tonie on top, and let the audio adventure begin! The included Playtime Puppy Tonie teaches kids about spreading joy and laughter, singing and rhythm, curiosity and new experiences, and strengthening the bonds of friendship.

Features of the Toniebox Audio Player Starter Set

1. Easy to Use Design

The Toniebox is designed with simplicity in mind. Even the youngest children can operate it independently. Just place the Tonies audio characters on the Toniebox, and playback starts automatically. Pressing the ears changes the volume, while tapping the sides changes tracks.

2. Screen-Free Listening Experience

In a world filled with over-stimulating flashing screens, the Toniebox offers a refreshing screen-free listening experience. It inspires your kids’ imagination in ways that screens cannot. With the Toniebox, they can listen to bedtime stories, music, and educational content without the distractions of a screen.

3. Long Battery Life

The Toniebox comes with a charging station that powers its battery. With up to 7 hours of battery life, your kids can enjoy hours of uninterrupted audio playtime. The charging station ensures that the Toniebox is always ready for their next adventure.

4. Playtime Puppy Tonie

The Starter Set includes a purple Toniebox and a Playtime Puppy Tonie. The Playtime Puppy Tonie features 52 minutes of the most popular traditional children’s songs for playtime. It’s a perfect companion for your little ones, providing entertainment and learning opportunities.

5. Expandable with Additional Tonies

The Toniebox is expandable with additional Tonies, which can be purchased separately. Each Tonie offers a unique audio experience, from storytelling to educational content. With a growing collection of Tonies, your kids can explore new worlds and learn new things.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the Toniebox suitable for children under age 3?

A: No, the Toniebox is not suitable for children under age 3. It is designed for kids 3+ years.

Q: How long does the Toniebox battery last?

A: The Toniebox battery can last up to 7 hours on a single charge.

Q: Can the Toniebox be used for educational purposes?

A: Yes, the Toniebox is a great tool for educational purposes. It offers a wide range of educational content that can help kids learn and explore new topics.


The Toniebox Audio Player Starter Set with Playtime Puppy is a fun and educational toy for kids 3+ years. It provides a screen-free listening experience that sparks imagination and learning. With its easy-to-use design, long battery life, and expandable Tonies collection, the Toniebox offers endless hours of entertainment and educational opportunities for your little ones.